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diagnostic support

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We use detailed DNA analysis to identify the genetic profile of adult and childhood diseases.

We help find out if you are at risk of developing a genetic disease or, your children are at risk of inheriting any genetically influenced conditions.

We play an important role in planning the appropriate, most effective path of treatment, care, and prevention.

To learn more, please write to diagnostyka@imagene.me.

There are many reasons to have your genes tested

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IMAGENE.ME helped us detect our daughter’s metabolic disorder. Following the prescribed treatment, her epileptic seizures were gone in just three days and have not returned.
Marta Wąsowicz
36 years old, pharmacist
  • step 1
    Request a test
    Choose one of the packages and place your order online.
  • step 2
    Check your mailbox
    Get an e-mail with instructions and documents to be completed. After verifying your request, we will proceed to process your order.
  • step 3
    Use the self-sampling kit
    Receipt within 3-5 days.
  • step 4
    Send your test back
    Send your completed test back to us in the box you received - free of charge delivery.
  • step 5
    What we do next
    We'll examine your DNA, and our specialists will conduct an advanced analysis as well as identify clinically relevant genetic variants.
Diagnostics has never been so clear

The right diagnosis starts with just one click

  • Medical report
    We will describe the most significant genetic variants (including new, previously undescribed ones) that may be associated with the disease under diagnosis or distressing symptoms.
  • Detailed explanation
    We will prepare a set of additional information for you, including a description of how the condition may impact you, our diagnostic and treatment recommendations, as well as key inputs from our support groups.
  • Access the Prevention App
    If you are an adult, you will have free access to the unique IMAGENE.ME prevention app. It will give you it will let you see to additional, advanced analysis of your genetic data and post-diagnostic support as part of personalized pro-health prevention.
  • Get the most out of the IMAGENE.ME ecosystem
    Once you've had a test, you can start using your genomic data whenever you need. Explore the power of our prevention app, schedule appointments with specialists, and use your test results to diagnose other diseases if necessary.
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Diagnostic support

Questions & Answers

  • Which test is for me?

    Select a disease and choose a package. We also include a thorough description of each package on our store page. If you have any problems, write to us (diagnostyka@imagene.me) or call us, and we'll be sure to help you choose the right product.

  • Do I need to repeat a genetic test?

    The DNA in our cells is unchangeable - so a comprehensive genetic test only needs to be done once in a lifetime. However, it is important that the interpretation of the information encoded in your DNA is reliable, professional, and based on the latest available data. Our unique IMAGENE.ME ecosystem provides you with constant access to updated health data stored in your DNA for diagnostic and preventive health care, whenever you need it.

  • Are all genes analyzed during the test?

    Yes, we test all the variants present in more than 24,000 of your genes. By performing a genetic test with IMAGENE.ME you will have access to information on your full body gene. We use an innovative, proprietary WESEXT method, which enables simultaneous analysis of pathogenic variants within exons, introns and promoters of genes, as well as in mitochondrial DNA. WESEXT is a panel of DNA regions developed by IMAGENE.ME specialists based on Illumina's standard WES panel (CEX v1.2) with expanded intron, promoter and intergenic space to cover areas of the genome encompassing the known pathogenic variants described in the ClinVar database (NIH, USA). This allows the WESEXT panel to analyze all clinically relevant regions, providing even more precise DNA analysis for genetic diagnosis. The WESEXT panel is broader and more accurate than the standard WES panels and covers over 47 million nucleotides - thus covering over 99.6% of pathogenic variants described in the ClinVar database, including 99.1% of pathogenic variants located in introns.

  • What is NGS sequencing?

    NGS, Next-Generation Sequencing, is a high-throughput method that allows the rapid and parallel sequencing of large numbers of DNA fragments. The NGS method, which was introduced on a wider scale in 2011, makes it possible to quickly and accurately find out the sequence of all the genes in the genome (WES test), and is therefore revolutionizing medicine and opening up new possibilities for effective diagnostics, personalized therapy, and preventive health care.



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