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We discover the information hidden in your genes

IMAGENE.ME is a team of professionals in the field of biotechnology, medicine, genetics, and computer science. Our experts combine the latest global knowledge based on reliable data and facts with the latest technological solutions.

Every day, we work hand in hand with renowned research centers. In the international EMQN and Gen QA certification process. Our DNA sequencing partner received the best score out of 127 units that perform tests in the Illumina Nova Seq 6000 system.

we believe that
“Every person deserves
access to their genetic data,
presented in an understandable way.”
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“To develop a complete suite of technologies and tools that enables every person to securely access accurate and understandable data about their health, and then to make personalized decisions that improve their health and quality of life.”
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We are creating the future of genetics based on the latest technology and research

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We work with outstanding specialists in the field of genetic diagnostics and expert medical professionals to provide each person with the best possible chance of an effective diagnosis. We are committed to broad, constructive cooperation with the medical community.


Modern technologies can be a real support in pro-health prevention and medical treatment, as our previous implementations have shown. Advanced systems using machine learning or artificial intelligence are an important part of our business.


Reliable, state-of-the-art scientific and medical knowledge should be widely available, constantly updated, and provided in an accessible way so that it can improve the quality of human health and life.

the team

Behind the success of IMAGENE.ME
stands a team of experts
from many fields


with vision

Mirosław Kwaśniewski, PhD
Geneticist, molecular biologist, bioinformatician, head of the Center for Bioinformatics and Data Analysis at the Medical University of Białystok. Founder of IMAGENE.ME.


  • Karolina Chwiałkowska, PhD
  • Pawel Gajdanowicz, PhD
    Personalized medicine
  • Urszula Korotko, PhD
Karolina Chwiałkowska, PhD

Molecular geneticist, biotechnology team leader at IMAGENE.ME, researcher at the Center for Bioinformatics and Data Analysis, Medical University of Bialystok. She holds a PhD in biological sciences.

Curator of genetic variants associated with monogenic diabetes at ClinGen (The ClinicalGenome Resource, NIH, USA). Member of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG).

Karolina specializes in interpreting the pathogenicity of germline genetic variants, and establishing and refining ACMG/AMP criteria for specific diseases and genes.

As part of her scientific work, she specializes in the analysis of epigenetics, transcriptomics, and genomics of cancer and metabolic diseases. She has many years of laboratory and bioinformatics experience in sample preparation, performing next generation sequencing (NGS), and analysis of the results. She has expanded her scientific knowledge in large-scale genomic analyses during her internship at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA, USA).

She has co-authored numerous scientific articles (Nature, Plos Genetics, Human Genetics, Frontiers in Genetics, Cancers) and has managed and executed several research projects funded by renowned national and European grants. As part of her projects, she has developed and implemented new technologies based on NGS. She supported the team managing one of the world’s largest projects related to human genomics – The COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative.

Karolina Chwiałkowska, PhD, has participated in many international training seminars and events on genetics and the clinical genomics of rare diseases, and the use of exome (WES), and genome sequencing (WGS) technologies in the clinical diagnosis of rare diseases in children (The European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases; The Foundation for Rare Diseases; The Jackson Laboratory, USA; Precision Medicine Advisors, USA), as well as certificates granted by the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) and Genomic Quality Assessment (GenQA, Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust).

At IMAGENE.ME Karolina leads a team of biotechnologists, and conducts functional interpretation of genetic variants, working closely with bioinformatic, laboratory diagnostic experts, and clinical geneticists.

On a personal note, she is a lover of cats and  travelling to faraway countries.

Pawel Gajdanowicz, PhD

Leader of the R&D team at IMAGENE.ME, researcher at the Department of Clinical Immunology, Wroclaw Medical University. Doctor of biological sciences.

He has many years of experience in the field of molecular biology, which he gained at renowned scientific institutions in Europe (Potsdam-University, Max Planck Institute, CNRS-INRA Montpellier) and Poland (Institute of Experimental Biology named after M. Nencki PAN).

Author of scientific papers from the fields of biophysics, immunology, allergology, oncology, molecular biology and personalized medicine, published in prestigious journals of international reach (e.g. PNAS, Nature, Oncogene).

Experienced in the preparation, and execution of clinical trials. Author of numerous scientific and R&D projects funded by domestic and international institutions.

At IMAGENE.ME, he is involved in the coordination of R&D projects at all stages of their implementation. Member of the European Agency for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI).

Privately, an avid mountain sports and travel enthusiast.

Urszula Korotko, PhD

Bioinformatician, specialist in multi-scale analysis of genomic data on epigenetics and oncology. PhD in biological sciences. At IMAGENE.ME, she coordinates a team of data analysts, and is responsible for the identification of novel genetic, phenotypic, behavioral associations.

Urszula has many years of experience in the bioinformatics industry. She is a graduate in biotechnology and computer science. She specializes in the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data.

She studies data from genome sequencing, transcriptomes, and methylomes. She has developed programs to analyze data obtained by MSAP-seq and WBGS/RRBS.

She has been part of many research and development projects carried out at universities and biotechnology companies in Poland. She participated in a number of international conferences where she presented her research results. She is also a co-author of articles published in prestigious journals from the JCR list.

In IMAGENE.ME she leads a team of bioinformaticians, is responsible for bioinformatic analysis of customer samples and participates in research and development projects.

Geneticist, molecular biologist, bioinformatician, head of the Center for Bioinformatics and Data Analysis at the Medical University of Białystok. Founder of IMAGENE.ME.

Founder and President of IMAGENE.ME, molecular geneticist, bioinformatician, specialist in large-scale genomic technologies and biomedical data interpretation. He holds a post-doctoral degree in biological sciences.

Since 2016, he has been the head of the Center for Bioinformatics and Data Analysis at the Medical University of Bialystok. He has been a manager and an executive in many scientific projects funded by national and international sources.

He is an advisor to biotechnology companies in the application of Next Generation Sequencing technology in research and diagnostics, an advisor to FAO/IAEA in genomic technologies and their practical use, a representative of UMB at international forums in the work on implementation of personalized medicine strategies in EU countries.

Mirek is one of the pioneers of the concept of using genomic and biomedical data in behavioral intervention and personalized pro-health prevention activities.

In 2017, he was awarded the “First Degree Award” for scientific achievements by the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

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