Diagnostic support
Rare diseases in children
im.Diagno WES 1+2
8 900 PLN
Chorych: 1
Zdrowych: 2
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The package includes
  • A self-sampling kit for each person participating in the study.
  • Medical Report – describing the most significant genetic variants that may be associated with the diagnosed disease or distressing symptoms.
  • A set of additional information, including a description of the impact of the variants on the trait/disease, diagnostic and treatment recommendations, and indications of potential support groups.
  • Access to the results of the full WES study and post-diagnostic support for healthy adult study participants through the innovative IMAGENE.ME personalized health prevention app.
About the test

Package of exome genetic testing for one patient and two healthy parents, along with in-depth bioinformatic analysis and interpretation of the results by a clinical geneticist. The analysis includes exome sequencing of 3 individuals in accordance with the Broad Institute (MIT, Harvard) standards. At IMAGENE.ME, we use state-of-the-art DNA sequencing technology – Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). WES testing is performed using NovaSeq 6000 (Illumina).

Complementary access to the IMAGENE.ME application

The child’s parents receive free access to their own genetic test results to help implement personalized pro-health prevention. The parents’ test results will be made available on the IMAGENE.ME app. The IMAGENE.ME app uses information about genetic predisposition, disease traits, and lifestyle to provide valuable tips and support for everyday decisions that can improve the quality of health and life.

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