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Genes determine how your body functions, and that means they affect your entire life. Together with us, discover what your genes say about your future and whether they contain something you should take special care of.
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Diagnostic support
when to use it?
  • Sometimes, despite many tests and medical consultations, making an accurate diagnosis is very difficult.
  • Does your family have a history of hereditary disease with a genetic profile?
  • Are you planning a baby and want to find out the risk of genetic disease?
  • Is your baby at risk of genetic disease?
  • Do you have a predisposition for cancer?
  • And other areas of use.
Pro-health prevention
for whom?
  • The latest knowledge and technology to take better care of my health.
  • Prevent illness before it happens.
  • Understand more about myself and make informed pro-health decisions.
  • In-depth, professional knowledge about my genome.
  • And other areas of use.

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IMAGENE.ME helped us detect our daughter’s metabolic disorder. Following the prescribed treatment, her epileptic seizures were gone in just three days and have not returned.
36 years old, pharmacist
advanced DNA testing
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Advanced gene analysis

WES test
  • What is a WES test?
    A Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) test is a detailed study of your entire exome, or coding sequences of all your 24,000 genes. Our WES test is performed using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology.
  • How is the WES test performed?
    WES testing is performed using the NovaSeq 6000 System (Illumina) . Sequencing and exome analysis are performed in accordance with Broad Institute (MIT, Harvard, USA) standards.
  • How often should the WES test be performed?
    Genes are unchangeable, so you only need to perform one test for a lifetime. With the innovative IMAGENE.ME ecosystem, you can use the test results for personalized health prevention, diagnostic support, or therapy throughout your entire life.

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We know, appreciate and value the data you share with us. That's why we want to assure you that its safety and security is our top priority.

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